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2011 winners

Congratulations to our 2011 winners

Anything Goes Mashup

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"NZ People on Maps" by Nora Wang


Anything Goes Data Large


The use of questions to explore the census data make this mashup come alive: as Lawrence Lessig said, "it pulls you in and teaches as you play." Category Sponsored by Stuff

$2000 is be awarded to the application that best demonstrates the use of NZ data in a creative way. This section is for entries that didn’t fit into any of the other specific categories.

Nora's Description of the Entry

This entry takes data from the NZ 2006 Census and presents it as a series of maps to help us understand the people of NZ a little better. While the census data is very useful for producing statistics and summaries, it can be hard to understand the patterns across the country until you see it on a map. This data mashup uses Google Fusion tables to hold the census data, and presents various columns of it in a Google map with an overlaid NZ Census Area Unit (CAU) layer accessed as a KML file. Pie charts or swing-o-meters are also available by clicking on a census area unit on the map, for categories where there are many variables available (eg ethnicity). Linking charts to maps like this is a useful way to allow the user to examine the data in greater detail, and in different ways yet keep the interface simple. The website is designed to be very easy to use, and hopefully to ignite some enthusiasm in the user to zoom in and pan around the map looking for interesting spatial patterns and trends... and learn a bit more about NZ and the distribution of its inhabitants.


The data used in this website is New Zealand 2006 Census Datasets from Statistics New Zealand. The mapping coordinate data is from Statistics NZ too, available for download from Koordinates. These data have been made available with Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand. The maps are produced using Google Fusion Tables, Google Maps API, and Google Chart Tools.