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Canterbury is ripe for your creativity

The fair city of Christchurch has been home to kiwi artists such as Rita Angus, and inspired the writer Ursula Bethell, gave backdrop to Jackson's Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners and saw well-loved acts like Ladi6 and Ray Columbus cut their musical teeth.

Let's celebrate the garden city's rich past, resilience in times of destruction, and its hopeful future. Here is some great Christchurch related content and data for remix or mashup. This may be useful for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery data mashup category but we also hope to see some great entries for and about Canterbury across all of the Mix and Mash categories.

This content is special because you already have permission to remix and reuse it legally - it has been released to you under Creative Commons licences. Please check each bit of content for its specific licence. For more information on what these licences mean, and what terms you must follow visit Creative Commons New Zealand.

Please remain respectful of the city and of people whose faces may be featured in images or video.

Central City footage after the February 22nd earthquake

Civil Defence released some inner city footage for screening at memorial events. To download the footage, go to keepvid.com and enter the YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbXJJN9ZSFc

Old Christchurch and Canterbury footage from Archives New Zealand

Archives NZ has historic footage of the Cathedral, street scenes, and some aerial footage of the Canterbury ranges.

New Zealand Defence Force photos of Christchurch

The NZ Defence Force has made their Flickr stream available, including many photographs of Christchurch.

Kete Christchurch

A community repository of text, images and audio about Christchurch from members of the public. Entries are made available by contributors for noncommercial reuse.

Post February 22nd earthquake aerial imagery

High quality aerial images of Christchurch following the February earthquake have been made available on the Koordinates platform. The release was reported on stuff.co.nz.

Quake Stories

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage spearheaded the Quake Stories website, where people can share their earthquake experiences in their own words. The stories are available for noncommercial reuse.

LINZ Data Service

Land Information New Zealand makes many useful geospatial sets available (including property data) and has tools for those wanting to use the openly licensed data.

GNS Science datasets

GNS datasets on data.govt.nz include freely reusable sets such as Geonet earthquake data and information on active faults.

Post-quake Christchurch school student statistics

In response to the Christchurch earthquake, Statistics New Zealand produced a brief overview of Ministry of Education re-enrolment data for primary, intermediate, and secondary school students.

Canterbury’s historic places

Koordinates hosts data donated by Ollivier & Co that maps out Canterbury's historic places pre-earthquake.

Magnetic South conversations

Public conversations and ideas for the future of Christchurch took place for the Magnetic South game and project. The conversations have been logged and tracked in a dataset.

Christchurch land colour zones

Christchurch City Council released geospatial data describing the status of land in and around the city after the earthquakes. This data currently drives the LandCheck site and is openly licensed.

Christchurch earthquake photos metadata

The metadata for Ross Becker and Moira Fraser’s Christchurch earthquake photos are now available through the DigitalNZ API. The metadata includes very accurate latitude and longitude geo-coordinates.

Please note that the photos themselves are licensed BY NC ND which means they can not be modified without Ross’ permission.

Charities Register

‪You can use the Charities Register open data to find out what registered charities provide services in the area of disaster relief, what financial and human resources they have, and where they operate.‬

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