mix & mash

Getting Started

The competition is now closed, but don't let that stop you trying to build something anyway!

You don’t need to wait for the next Mix and Mash competition, you can mix and mash NZ content and data anytime! Here's how you can get started with remixes and mashups.

1. Use the help guides

If you are new to data mashups, read the beginner's guide to data mashups. This has been sponsored by the Charities Commission, and includes introductory examples and code snippets to help you get started quickly.

For remix, you can read the Schools guide to reusing digital content. It's written for teachers, but includes general help for with dealing with copyright, and some quick tips for the digital storytelling, photo remix, and infographics.

2. Get some inspiration

Not sure what to work on on? Here are a few places to get ideas. Many of the competition categories had ideas that might inspire you. For example, in the Open Government Data Mashup category, there was a challenge to create a mashup that shows how NZ laws have changed over time.

Look over previous Mix and Mash entries and winners, or other competitions such as LibraryHack, and Mashup Australia.

3. Find content and data sources

To help you get started we put up a list of places you can go to get NZ content sources and data sources. If you are not finding what you need, you can request government agencies release the data through data.govt.nz.

Also try looking for reusable material via DigitalNZ Search.