mix & mash

Mentors Programme

Opportunities for taking your entries further

Take your ideas further with a mentor, internship, or ongoing project

This year we are offering something in addition to prizes and glory. Born out of a question from last year "what happens after the winners are announced?", Mix and Mash is very pleased to introduce the Mix and Mash Mentors Programme.

Once entries were submitted the creations were shared with with our pool of mentors and sponsors. If folk like what they see, they may offer to meet with you to discuss how you could take your work further. This could include:

  • Commercialising a creation
  • Mentoring your creative development
  • Licensing for reuse
  • Launching and running an open source project
  • Introducing you to other collaborators
  • Offering you an internship
  • Offering you a contract to extend your creation

Simply enter your best possible data mashup or creative remix, and we'll make sure your entry gets seen.

Thanks to Mohawk Media for their assistance with the Mix and Mash Mentors Programme.

Could you be a mentor?

If you think you've got something to offer entrants as they work to take their ideas further, consider putting yourself forward as a mentor. Contact info@digitalnz.org for more information.