mix & mash

Mix & Mash for Schools

Use the mix & mash teaching guide to explore digital storytelling, copyright, data reuse & more.

Download our remix guide

You don't need to wait for a competition to create an amazing digital story, enlightening infographic, stunning photo remix, or remix of writers’ works. There are amazing New Zealand images, data, words, video, and music, just waiting for your students to remix them into beautiful new creations.

Together with the National Library we have written a guide to help you and your students remix New Zealand content:

The guide gives you information, activities and ideas to confidently create a remix from material you know you have the rights to reuse. It shows students why copyright and licensing exist, how they work, and how they can apply licences to their own work through simple information, suggestions for activities, and links to more resources. By using it, you and your students will be able to participate in the global remix community while demonstrating creativity and integrity.

Teachers and students interested in data mashups can get great advice and guidance from our Newbies’ guide to mashing up data sponsored by the Charities Commission.

You can get updates on Mix and Mash 2012 by subscribing to email updates below. If you would like to see something added to this guide, or to get more support, sign up for the online community at schools.natlib.govt.nz